Licensing Information

Licensing Information​

All hotels, either operated by the Company or by the owning party, will benefit from the license, an all-encompassing program, which includes the 3 following essential components:

The Brand

Hotels associated with Swiss International will become a licensee of either of the Swiss International Hotel brands. They will be able to capitalize on the value the Company has gained over the past 30 years. Each hotel sets itself apart through their individual qualities that are based on regional features and local characteristics of its setting whilst being part of a well-established global brand that gives the hotel a strong competitive edge, both locally and globally. “A brand should be relevant, consistent and well-positioned to achieve sustainable results in today’s highly competitive marketplace”.


Swiss International Hotels will provide its new members with a wide range of reliable support services: Swiss International Hospitality Academy: The program will offer customized training days sessions and hotel audits ensuring higher consistency and overall quality. In addition, the hotel will benefit from a continuous access to a team of professionals with expertise in development, hotel operations, revenue management to measure and increase performance. In order to achieve the best results from the License, both the Licensor and the Licensee must be fully committed to one and another. These commitments are defined as following:

From the Licensor:
To safeguard the value of the brand
To assist the Hotels maximize their returns by utilizing all opportunities and synergies the License offers
To safeguard the Company’s values
To innovate

From the Licensee:
To live up to the value of the brand.
To completely use the license, including brand, operations model and the support
To take a pro-active role as a member of Swiss International

From both parties:
To communicate in an open way
To maintain a high level of customer satisfaction
To involve all stakeholders to test new ideas and concepts

Swiss International is proud to work with SWISS-REZ, the CRS provided through Sabre Hospitality Group.


The package includes a full range of high impact initiatives and tailored solutions to help you improve the bottom line results of your hotel and generate more profit.

Marketing Programs

Swiss International takes a pro-active role in developing advanced e-marketing products and social media initiatives ensuring its active presence on most popular social media platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Extensive internet presence, targeted public relations, cross-promotional opportunities as well as sophisticated technology guarantee hotels increased international exposure.


Swiss International’s Central Reservation System (CRS) is called SWISS-REZ, a powerful distribution system, which connects the hotels with over 500,000 travel agents worldwide and with the complete on-line community, including the Online Travel Agents, such as Expedia, among others.

Revenue Management

Thanks to our solid expertise in revenue management, Swiss International will uncover the hidden revenue potential of your hotel and maximize revenues, by increasing your number of hotel bookings and by improving your REVPAR performance.