Swiss International Quality Assurance Mystery Guest Program

Swiss International launches Quality Assurance Mystery Guest Program for its hotels in Africa, Middle East & Southern Asia

Swiss International Hotels can now use the Mystery Guest Program to enhance the Guest Experience.

Swiss International Hotels & Resorts is delighted to announce the launch of its Quality Assurance Mystery Guest Program. The Mystery Guest Program will support hotel owners and the Management Team at Swiss International in knowing if the Swiss International standards are being followed in the daily operations. Swiss International has collaborated with Guest Delight International (GDI) to support the operations of the program (

Guest Delight International is a company based in Singapore with a footprint in over 116 countries around the world. GDI is committed to helping companies achieve excellence through quality assurance by conducting in-depth audits, providing analytics, offering customized solutions as well as training and coaching programs.

Swiss International has established itself as a hotel brand in Africa, Middle East and Southern Asia with international Swiss standards. The Mystery Guest Program Evaluators will visit the hotels; rate all the aspects of the customer experience to give objectives and feedback on how to improve the customer experience. This is a program that all Swiss International hotels can make use of to close any gaps that prevent the hotels from creating a great customer experience.

When speaking about the Mystery Guest Program, Mr. Henri W.R Kennedie, the CEO of Swiss International expressed enthusiasm saying, “We are pleased at the launch of the Mystery Guest Program as this program will support our hotels in enhancing the guest experience. As a brand this will ensure that we have a consistent brand experience throughout all our hotels in Africa, Middle East and Southern Asia.”

The portfolio currently is consisting out of 27 signed hotel agreements of 15 are under a Hotel Management Agreement and 12 under a Hotel License Agreement. The breakdown of the hotel per brand is as following 3 Royal Swiss (Luxury), 17 Swiss International (Upscale) and 7 Swiss Spirit (midscale).